About Us

In 2015, Alan Jones and Tony Cummings got together and established their agency, with the desire of making it the most creative video agency in the region.

Almost two years later and they are well on their way to achieving their ambition.

From humble beginnings, of a crew of just two, the agency has grown massively and now employs over twenty staff full time.

This means that we can now offer our clients everything in house – from editing to casting and production. Being in charge of the entire show makes our jobs easier and your results even more awesome.

Unlike some creative and video agencies, we don’t come to you with a preset idea about what we want to do. We are interested in hearing what you, the client is hoping to get from the project.

Listening to our clients is the key to getting it right and delivering a killer video to them, that fits in with their ethos and culture.

We do not only produce one type of video or short film. We can cover anything, from wedding videos to corporate events.

In addition to that, we have an extensive portfolio of music videos and promotional films. The artists we work with run across all genres and styles – from classical orchestras to rap and rock n roll.

Branding is in our blood and we will work with your marketing department to really put the message across about your brand and product.

If it needs to go viral, consider it done.

Tony is a genius when it comes to viral marketing and knows exactly what that hidden ingredient is, to get your viewers to share your video – time and again.

In the last two years, we have built up a solid base of clients and have hundreds of testimonials from them.

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